Planning a solo trip in 2021? Solo travel can be a great way to see the world and learn more about yourself along the way. Whether it’s pampering yourself at a 5 star hotel, flying solo at a singles resort, or immersing yourself into a local culture, this guide has the best tips and ideas for solo travelers in 2021.


Jamaica hands down comes in at the top of our list for solo traveling ideas for 2021. With it’s beautiful beaches and mystical mountains, there is a plethora of opportunities and things for solo travelers to enjoy about Jamaica.

Looking for some fun in the sun at a Jamaican singles resort? Jamaica has hundreds of singles only party hotels scattered throughout the island. Not much of a party person? No worries mon. Jamaica has plenty of natural beauty to explore, from hiking the beautiful mountains, to swimming under waterfalls, to exploring the rich culture and history of the island, there is so much to do in Jamaica you just might actually wish you had someone with you to share it with!

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Las Vegas

Let’s be honest. You don’t go to Las Vegas for it’s culture and history, or for it’s hiking spots and natural beauty. You go there to party, and if you’re a single solo traveler looking for some R n R and good times, Las Vegas is sure to bring it.

Whether it’s hitting the tables and cashing in big, or enjoying the sprawling buffets and classy bars, Las Vegas has everything a single solo traveler needs to have a good time.

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Hawaii, like Jamaica is another place on this list of best solo traveler ideas for 2021 that is sure to cater to the desires of any solo traveler. From hot singles only luaus, to surfing, to hiking beautiful mountains and waterfalls, Hawaii is a great destination for solo travelers looking for both rest and relaxation and adventure.

Looking for parties and luxurious hotels? Try the island of Maui or O’ahu. Or, if you’re more adventurous and interested in exploring nature perhaps check out The Big Island and explore it’s vast deserts, volcanoes, beaches, and jungles.

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Well there you have it, our top 3 solo travel destination ideas for 2021!

Do you agree with our picks? Are we missing something? Drop us a comment down below and let us know!