While traveling and vacationing with friends and family can be an incredible experience of it’s own, have you ever considered traveling someplace new and foreign on your own?

Solo Travel

Today’s post is all about solo travel and the various benefits and experiences a person can have when they decide to travel the world on their their own. If you’re already an experienced solo traveler, you probably know about everything we’re going to cover in this post – but if you think we’ve missed something important, drop us a comment down below and let us know! Solo traveling is so great that it is hard to pack it all into only 3 reasons so we definitely might miss something. If you’re interested in learning more about solo travel and all of it’s benefits read on!


Whether you’re taking a year off to see the world, or planning a 2 week trip to the Amazon, there is one true universal fact about solo traveling and that is…you are free.

When you’re traveling with friends or family, a lot of the times (unless you’re the planner) you’re not the one calling the shots. This can mean following an itinerary, or simply following whatever the group is doing. Because of this, you sometimes end up doing things you don’t want to do, or end up wishing that you were doing something else instead.

With solo travel, you follow nobody’s plan but your own and are in complete control of what you’re going to do each day. While of course, vacationing with friends and family can be a great time – solo traveling and calling all the shots can leave you with a much more rewarding experience as you’re actually getting to do all of the things that you want!

Save Money

Planning trips as a solo traveler, is a budget conscious persons dream come true! One of the best parts of solo travel is that planning a trip by yourself is much more cheaper than planning one for your whole family or circle of friends.

Why? It’s simple – you’re booking only one room, and buying tickets for flights, events, and activities for only one person, YOU!

A lot of people have an ill conceived notion that traveling and seeing the world is expensive. And while yes, it’s not free or dirt cheap – it is certainly do-able for a person to do on their own. Especially with the plethora of flight and hotels deals we have at DoloTrip!

Meet New People

As any solo traveler will tell you, traveling the world alone isn’t just about seeing new things and experiencing new cultures. It’s also about the people that you meet!

Whether you’re backpacking in a remote jungle and a villager invites you in for tea, or whether you meet up with another solo traveler at the hotel and swap stories over drinks, meeting new people is one of the key things that makes solo traveling so magical!

Solo Travel Is Great

We could write all day long about how great solo travel is, but nothing can compare to actually getting out there and traveling by yourself!

With travel prices relatively cheap for a solo traveler, the possibility to meet new people, and the freedom that solo travel brings, solo travel is absolutely something that should be on your bucket list!

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