Allegiant Air Review

With prices on flights that seem too good to be true, and issues regarding delays, cancellations, and safety, lets dive into this in depth and honest review of Allegiant Air!

Allegiant Air was founded in 1997 and for most of it’s time has remained a rather small and insignificant airline. That’s quickly changed in recent years as the Las Vegas based airline has increased their list of destinations, increased and upgraded their fleet of aircraft, AND won the naming rights to the new Las Vegas Raiders football stadium.

So what’s caused this once small time regional airline to get so big to the point that they have a full size professional football stadium named after them?

For starters, it’s their prices.

Allegiant Air is arguably one of the cheapest airlines to fly in the United States, and that’s one of the reasons it has grown so quickly. Just how cheap is Allegiant?

If I were to book a direct flight right now with American Airlines, from Phoenix, AZ to Sacramento, CA that flight would run me around $200. With Allegiant? $55.

There is one small caveat with this example though. I would not be flying out of or arriving to a major international airport, instead a smaller regional airport. In this case, I’d be leaving out of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (about 30 minutes outside of downtown Phoenix) and arriving at Stockton Metropolitan Airport (about 40 minutes outside of Sacramento)

While this might not work for all travelers, especially if you have a time sensitive event in Sacramento for example, it can be a great way for travelers to see friends, family, or new places rather inexpensively.

The Benefits Of Flying Into And Out Of Regional Airports

While Allegiant Air does fly into and out of several major international airports, after-all, their hub is Las Vegas International, Allegiant primarily focuses on flying to smaller regional airports across the continental United States.

Do you love waiting in long TSA security lines? Waiting in painfully long lines to check in? Dealing with the hassle and hubbub of busy and crowded airports? If you answered NO to any of these, you should seriously consider flying Allegiant into smaller regional airports.

TSA security is stress free and quick, checking into your flight is typically painless and very fast, and most of these regional airports have anywhere from 2 to 10 total gates meaning crowds are low and space to lounge before your flight is aplenty.

If airports typically stress you out or cause you travel anxiety, regional airports can be a great way to fly and travel in a much more laid back environment.

Allegiant Air Safety Concerns

As someone who has never been particularly comfortable flying, the first time I flew Allegiant I was admittedly terrified.

I was up all night the night before my flight reading articles and watching news clips about all of the safety issues regarding Allegiant.

Allegiant Air Airbus A320-200

I have flown Allegiant on many occasions, and have flown on both their old fleet of aircraft and new fleet.

In the past, rumors of safety concerns swirled around Allegiant. From mechanics reportedly saying that passengers should be concerned for their safety, to scary diversions and emergency landings of Allegiant’s MD-80 aircraft, safety concerns plagued Allegiant for quite some time.

However, Allegiant’s track record of safety has actually been relatively top notch. In over 20 years of flying, there has not been a single fatal crash of an Allegiant aircraft.

Diversions And Emergency Landings

Despite having no fatal crashes, as of 2018 there has been a reported amount of at least 60 unscheduled landings and 47 in flight emergencies aboard Allegiant aircraft.

In response to questions regarding the safety of their aircraft, Allegiant retired their fleet of aging MD-80 aircraft and upgraded to the Airbus A319-100 and the Airbus A320-200 aircraft.

Allegiant Air Airbus A319-200

As someone who has traveled on both fleets of Allegiant aircraft many times, the new fleet feels much safer in the skies and the landings and take offs are also much more smoother.

The MD-80 also used to make a very strange noise during ascents and while this noise is normal for MD-80 aircraft, as someone with anxiety towards flying, not hearing that during take off and ascent makes me feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed.

All in all, with an upgraded fleet of aircraft and perfect track record, Allegiant is in my opinion, as safe of an airline as any to fly.

A Few Downsides To Allegiant

While Allegiant can be a great airline to choose for saving money on flights and avoiding the hassle and crowds of some major international airports, there are a few down sides to choosing Allegiant.

For starters, no matter how long the flight is there are no free refreshments or snacks on board Allegiant flights. For soda, alcohol, or snacks, you will be expected to pay.

For soda and snacks you can expect to shell out a few bucks, and for alcoholic beverages a few more.

Sodas will run you $2 each, wine $6, beer $7, and liquor shot bottles $7. You can bring your own snacks and drinks on board that you purchased in the terminal, but you cannot bring any Alcohol on board.

Baggage Fee’s

With the cost of your ticket, you’ll be able to check in 1 bag and bring 1 carry on item on board. The carry on item should typically be small enough to be able to fit under the seat in front of you, or in an overhead bin.

For your checked bag you’ll be looking at a 40 pound (18 Kilo) weight limit. If you go over it, you’re looking at an additional $50.

While the 40 pound weight limit should be sufficient for most travelers, make sure to plan ahead if you’re going to be bringing a lot of stuff back home with you. I made that mistake once during Christmas and on my flight back had to pay another $50 at check in.

Conclusion – Why Not Give Allegiant A Try?

As we are all painfully aware, money does not grow on trees. So if you’re looking for cheaper flights and trying hard to find a way to save some money, why not try Allegiant?

As someone who has flown Allegiant many times, and is not being paid to say any of this, I can honestly say that flying Allegiant has been a reliable and budget friendly experience each and every time.

This review was not sponsored by Allegiant Air in any way shape or form.