Life after lock down…

With the world slowly opening back up and recovering from the great Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, people all over the world are still feeling anxious.

With distrust in media, public officials, and doctors at an all time high, millions all over the world are genuinely scared to leave their homes and return to their normal lives.

We’ve already covered 5 ways that life will change after the Coronavirus, but what about dealing with post Coronavirus travel anxiety? Whether it’s anxiety regarding traveling to the grocery store, or your next family vacation…read on for our tips!

Wait Until You’re Ready

It doesn’t matter if your favorite Pizza place down the street has decided to open back up, or if your states governor has said it’s safe to return to normal, the number one tip on beating post Coronavirus anxiety is simply waiting until you’re ready.

You and only you are in control of your life, so if you don’t feel ready or safe to go out, just stay in!

Wear A Mask And Gloves

If you still feel that it’s dangerous to return to normal life, simply wear a mask and gloves! While it does not guarantee your safety from the virus, it does add an extra layer of protection and there’s no such thing as being too careful.

Keep Social Distancing

Whether it’s standing 6 feet away in line for your coffee or spending a little bit extra to book that middle seat (to ensure nobody is next to you), there’s no requirement that social distancing must end when life returns to normal. If social distancing makes you feel safer and reduces your Coronavirus travel stress and anxiety, why not keep doing it?

Will my COVID-19 travel anxiety ever end?

It will! While the modern world has never seen an event like this before, one thing is for sure, with time and patience slowly your COVID-19 travel anxieties will subside.

You’re Not Alone!

Think you’re the only one suffering from post Coronavirus anxiety? You’re definitely not. Millions on Twitter have talked openly about their fears of returning back to normal life. Some even going as far as comparing it to Stockholm syndrome with the virus being their captor!

So whether it makes you feel better or worse, you’re definitely not alone. Almost everyone in the world has been affected by this, and many many millions are suffering from the same anxieties that post Covid-19 travel anxiety brings.

Stay strong, and be patient! We will get through this!