One thing that many travelers to California might not know, is that high up above the sandy beaches of California, the pop culture lifestyle of LA, or the bustling cities of San Francisco and Sacramento lies gold.

There’s a good chance that you learned about the gold rush in California during your time in school, in fact, the gold rush is one of the main catalysts that caused a mass migration of people to the state.

The dream of the gold miner is still very much alive in California, and what you might see as a relic of the past is still very much real for gold miners and gold mining businesses like Sierra Gold Miners.

No matter if your only experience with gold mining comes from school, or history channel documentaries, Gold Mining is something that almost every visitor to California can do, and the best part is that it can be done FOR FREE.

While of course, you will want to do your due diligence and not start mining in just any creek, (as it might be claimed by a miner or mining company), you can search online for resources like 10 Free Gold Panning Areas in California and mine to your hearts content for free!

Finding a creek or river to pan for gold in on your own can be a great way to experience and see California, while also indulging in it’s rich history of the gold rush. It sure beats the tourist trap ghost town “pan for gold” booths that you’ll see that are generally filled with pyrite (fools gold) and cost an arm and a leg to experience.

While those can be fun for kids, nothing beats the real thing! The gold rush might have ended some time ago, but there is without a doubt…still gold in them hills!

If you’re looking for some Norther California gold mining inspiration or tips and tricks, we suggest checking out the YouTuber Sierra Gold Miners!

Not only do they have a great collection of videos for new and experienced gold miners alike, they’ve also got a great online gold mining supplies store that can help get you started with the basic gear that you need to have a successful gold mining trip.