The beautiful country of India is home to over a billion people, and home to many more billion gorgeous views.

From beaches in the south, to the mountains in the North, to the deserts in the North East, India is filled to the brim with beauty.

In this post, we’re going to be showcasing all of the beauty of India, with 20 of the most beautiful photographs ever taken in India.

Most of these are also 4K HD and desktop wallpaper length, so whether you’re dreaming of your next vacation or missing home, these 20 stunning images from India will make great desktop wallpapers as well.

The Taj Mahal At Sunset

The Taj Mahal As Seen From A River

The Best Photo Of The Taj Mahal

India? Or The Caribbean?

Sunsets At The Taj Mahal Are One Of A Kind

The Cities Of india

Indian Culture Is Quite Colorful!

Camel Rides At The Beach Anyone?

Indian Markets Are Filled With Sights, Smells, And Colors

India’s Golden Temple At Sunset

An Indian Farmer In The Countryside

One Of India’s Many Religious Festivals

Downtown In Old Delhi

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