While we’re still likely a ways off from life returning back to normal, travel enthusiasts like me who hate being cooped up at home are likely already planning their next vacations.

For me, a travel enthusiast and bargain hunter, I’m already shopping for the best deals and to be honest I’m shocked at what I’m finding. That’s why I’ve decided to write this post and give you all my top 3 places to travel to after the Coronavirus pandemic ends. Not only are these places incredible, it is currently cheaper than it has ever been to travel to and stay at these incredible destinations.

Italy – #1

Italy was one of the first countries in the west to get hit HARD with the Pandemic. They were also one of the first countries in the western world to completely shut down.

While the Pandemic situation in Italy is getting better each day, life there has still not returned to normal quite yet. From the beauty and history of Rome, to the waters of Venice, to the beaches of Sardinia, there has truly never been a better time to book a trip to Italy. With flights cheaper than ever, and hotels and businesses slashing prices to try and lure customers back to their establishments, now is your chance to experience the beauty of Italy, at a massive discount.

Massive Discounts

We compared the summer travel prices to Italy from the year, 2019, to the current prices right now if you were to book a 2 week trip to Italy this August, and found a 40 PERCENT reduction in cost.

There has truly never been a better time for a bargain traveler to visit Italy. Whether it’s your dream vacation, or you’re coming back to the country to see more, this is potentially a once in a life time opportunity to see Italy at these prices.

Hotel Deals In Rome, Italy

New York – #2

As we advised in our How To Save Money On Travel During COVID-19 post, we strongly advise against booking a trip to certain quarantined cities at this time. Not only is it potentially dangerous, it’s not fun paying money to sit in your hotel on lock down.

Buuut, if you’re willing to book a bit in advance, the deals on travel to New York are absolutely insane.

Whether it’s your first time in the Big Apple, a business event, or just a vacation, deals on New York travel are hot right now.

New York was hit hard with the Coronavirus and suffered from extreme quarantine and lock down measures meaning businesses were hit hard. Areas of NYC that are opening up are desperate for customers and hotel and flight reservations to NYC are down across the board meaning this is the perfect time to book that trip to NYC.

Ultimately, when to book it is up to you, but check out some of these deals on hotels and flights to NYC. Have you ever seen prices to travel and stay in NYC cheaper before? I sure haven’t.

New York Flight Discount Deals

Spain – #3

The beautiful country of Spain was another Western European country hit hard by the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

One of the hottest travel destinations in 2019 for Europeans and foreigners alike, Spain, like most cities and countries during this time is struggling. Travel, flights, and tourism is down and companies are racing to try and get customers interested.

What does this mean? It means that deals to travel and stay in the beautiful country of Spain have never been more lucrative. Just look at some of these deals on flights to Spain!

Massive Discounts On Flights To Spain

Whether it’s catching a futbol (soccer) game in Barcelona, exploring the gateway to the Mediterranean (rock of Gibraltar) or relaxing in the sun-kissed sands of Ibiza, Spain has plenty of attractions to offer it’s visitors.

And the best part is? It’s never been cheaper to book your dream vacation to the beautiful land of Spain.

Did we miss any great post-Covid-19 travel deals?

Let us know in the comments! We’re always eager to share with our readers the best deals of the day and our insight into the beautiful world of travel.