The Mile High State of Colorado is home to tremendous amounts of natural beauty. From its high reaching mountains, to gorgeous city scapes and urban areas, Colorado is a must see for any American traveler, that’s why today we’re going to be exploring 5 of the most incredible places to see in Colorado. These locations are those that should be on your top 5 places to make reservations FAST when the first opportunity arises and they reopen. Put them all on your follow up list!

Genesee Park

Genesee Park is hidden gem that only the locals usually know about even though it is a 2413 acre park. Today the park is probably best known for its bison herd. Now a days it even has a bike path through the park that includes a 120-foot bridge over the bison tunnel where pedestrians can also view the herd.

Growing up I remember the beautiful trees throughout the park whose limbs are low enough to the ground even the youngest… and oldest of adventures can find themselves just hanging out in a tree. Find the fun in Genesee Park that brings back the wonder years.

Mesa Verde

This amazing historical park is well known for its amazing cliff dwellings. Whether you choose to camp, hike or just take in the educational history you will be amazed at its beauty and historical value. Although it is set up to preserve the ancient ruins there are many self-guided as well as guided tours available and it is another fantastic place for kids to become junior rangers. Put this on your list of to go places so you are first in line with reservations because you will definitely need them.

Estes Park

There is no better place to explore that this Rocky Mountain Nation Park. There is an abundance of wildlife you will see while hiking the many trails. Or if you prefer, there are lots of other exciting things to do and places to see such as a ride on the Estes Park Aerial Tramway or take a kayakout and relax on Lake Estes. You can also rent a Jeep which is pretty popular in Colorado and the perfect place to go trailing. And of course there is always time for shopping at the Downtown area of Estes Park.

Pikes Peak

Another amazing state park in Colorado that is a must see and is currently open. You can hop aboard a mini coach as they wind their way up Pikes Peak with several stops along the way. Once at the summit you can relax and soak in the spectacular view sitting at over 14,000 feet high. On the trip up be prepared to see some of Colorado’s wildlife that completes this amazing adventure. You will make memories here at Pikes Peak and be glad you took advantage of such a high tourist spot during this challenging times. Don’t wait. It’s the perfect time to go to this popular destination and avoid the usual crowds. The adventure is waiting!

Golden Colorado Coors Brewery

With their own website designed to simply take the many reservations this tour has to offer in this historical place it is a must see tour to experience. From Rocky Mountain Spring water served in the tasting rooms for the under aged, to sipping on Coors beer at the end of an enlightening tour of HOW the beer is made, Golden Colorado Coors brewery will be an experience for the whole family and one that will not easily ever be forgotten.

Colorado…always beautiful and always an adventure

Whether you’re an alcoholic *cough* I mean beer enthusiast, or a fan of the great outdoors and nature…Colorado has something to offer all of its visitors.

This is also one of the reasons why Colorado, much like Arizona is growing quickly in population. People yearn to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities and get back to their roots. Nature!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this top 5 list of amazing things to do on your next visit to Colorado!