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  • The 10 Best Places In Vietnam
    Vietnam is a beautiful country located in South East Asia! If you’ve ever wondered what the 10 best places in Vietnam are, then this video is for you!
  • The Best Travel Clips Of 2020
    Since 2020 has left most of us stuck at home in front of a computer or television…most of us have had to get our travel fix in via social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, IG, and Twitter. While these sites surely can’t be a proper substitute for the real thing, […]
  • 7 Days In The Swiss Alps
    The Swiss Alps are truly a magical place…or so I’ve heard as I have unfortunately never had the chance to visit them. If you’re like me and you’ve found yourself dreaming about a trip to the Swiss Alps, check out this incredible travel vlog from Youtuber Iz Harris. Doesn’t it […]
  • Venice Beach To The Santa Monica Pier A Walk-through Tour
    Have you ever wanted to walk along Venice Beach and see all the sights? Maybe California’s too far away, or you’ve just never made the time to get to the beach. Fear not, because thanks to Youtuber Wild Walk Travel Videos you can now completely experience a walk through Venice […]
  • Deadly Tiger Attacks Motorcyclist
    Imagine this. You’re on your way home from work, cruising along at a steady pace on your motorbike, excited to eat some dinner and watch your favorite show before bed. But then…at the speed of light a wild tiger leaps out of jungle and starts running directly at you. That’s […]
  • Skydiving Without A Parachute – Would You Try It?
    You might think you are adventurous…but are you adventurous enough to try jumping out of an airplane with NO parachute? Many of us probably already have sweat palms just thinking about jumping out of a plane WITH a parachute, let alone with out. Well it’s been done, and it’s actually […]
  • Traffic Stops In Brazil As A GIANT Anaconda Crosses The Road
    Why did the Anaconda cross the road? We may never really know the answer, but these kind citizens in Brazil stop traffic to protect this giant snake while it crosses the road during rush hour traffic in Brazil. Could you imagine being on your way home from work and SEEING […]
  • The Ultimate Travel Guide To Zion National Park
    What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the state of Utah? If you’re a sports fan, the answer might be the Utah Jazz, or if you’re anybody else you might simply say Mormons… But why is it that Utah is most famous for 1 NBA […]
  • Experience Dubai, A Complete Video Travel Guide
    Come see all that Dubai has to offer in this incredible video travel guide! Dubai, also known as the Las Vegas of the Middle East is a desert Oasis that is filled with adventure and fun things to explore. From being the home of the worlds tallest building, to it’s […]
  • An Incredible Look At The Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
    In this incredible travel vlog from Youtuber Babe Where’s my passport, we get to see an incredible in depth look at the Phi Phi islands in Thailand! With their incredible drone shots and top notch cinematography, this video is a great look at all the Phi Phi Islands have to […]
  • Incredible 11 Day Adventure In Nepal
    This incredible travel vlog from Youtuber Traversed Lands, shows an amazing 11 day adventure in Nepal! Nepal is most famously known for being at the base of Mt. Everest, but it’s also an incredibly beautiful country with lots to see and explore.
  • Cape Town, South Africa Travel Guide Tips 2020
    Cape Town, South Africa! South Africa is a beautiful country located (as the name implies) on the southern most portion of the continent of Africa! The country is home to millions and has a rich culture and diversity and is also home to some amazing wildlife! South Africa is surely […]
  • Deadly Black Mamba Found Under Girls Bed
    This incredible video from wildlife YouTuber Dingo Dinkelman shows a daring catch of a deadly Black Mamba snake from underneath a little girls bed. The Black Mamba is arguably the most venomous snake in the world, and NOT something that belongs in a child’s bed room. Thankfully everyone came away […]
  • The Top 15 National Parks In The United States
    The United States Of America is a paradise for natural park lovers! From the beauty of the Grand Canyon, to the views from Yosemite in California, America arguably has some of the best national parks in the world. Today, with the help of Youtuber Americas Parks, we’re going to be […]
  • A Day Of Budget Travel In Manila, Philippines
    Much like we covered in our post, Balling In Bali With Only $20 Per Day, the Philippines is another great travel destination for budget conscious travelers looking to stretch their dollars farther. This amazing travel vlog from Youtuber Jason Billam Travel, does a great job at showcasing all the Manila […]
  • Best New Orleans Travel Guide
    The big easy! New Orleans is a great place to visit, whether you’re planning a trip to Mardi Gras, or just looking to see the sights of the city, New Orleans is filled with life and magical moments. Take a look at this awesome New Orleans travel vlog from YouTuber […]
  • Travel Vlog For First Time Visitors To South Korea
    Traveling to South Korea can be exciting and intimidating for first time visitors. One of the great things about the internet is that those who feel anxiety about visiting new places and experiencing new cultures can watch travel vlogs to get an idea about what to expect! If you’re traveling […]
  • Northern California Travel Ideas, Gold Mining
    One thing that many travelers to California might not know, is that high up above the sandy beaches of California, the pop culture lifestyle of LA, or the bustling cities of San Francisco and Sacramento lies gold. There’s a good chance that you learned about the gold rush in California […]
  • Amazing Fly Fishing Adventure In The Tennessee Mountains
    Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only….ah nevermind. You’ve probably heard that one a million times. But here’s something you might not have heard about before. Fly fishing in the Tennessee mountains! In this fishing vlog from YouTuber Jon B, we get to see the beauty and mystic of […]
  • Video Tour Of Sydney Australia In Stunning 4K HD
    Beautiful Sydney Australia! Home of the incredible Opera house, and of course p sherman 42 wallaby way if you’re familiar with Finding Nemo, Sydney Australia is also home to much much more! Check out this incredible 4K HD video tour of Sydney Austrlia, shot and produced by the Youtuber Le […]
  • 19 Amazing Things To Do In Mumbai, India
    Planning a trip to Mumbai soon? Mumbai is a stunning city in India that is home to nearly 19 million people! We’ve already had the pleasure of covering some of the most beautiful photographs of Mumbai India, but how about a video showcasing not only the beauty of the city, […]
  • Balling In Bali With Only $20 Per Day
    We’ve already covered just how easy it is to vacation to Bali in luxury on a budget, but how about balling out in Bali while only spending $20 per day? Think about it, in an average day to day of expenses here in the US, we spend maybe $4 on […]