As stay at home orders are lifted throughout the world, business reopen, and life begins to return back to normal, many avid travelers find themselves in a rough situation.

Is it too early to book? Will my trip get cancelled again if there is a 2nd wave? Should I even plan on traveling at all this year?

These are all very valid questions, and some questions we hope to help answer. Although none of here at DoloTrip are virus/pandemic experts, we certainly are travel experts.

If you’ve beaten your Coronavirus travel anxiety, and find yourself ready to embark on your next adventure, here’s a list of some of the cheapest places you can travel to right now, thanks to Coronavirus discounts.

Bali, Indonesia

You don’t have to be a reader of the DoloTrip blog for very long before you figure out that we’re a big fan of Bali, Indonesia as a travel destination. And there’s no better time to recommend Bali than right now!

With flight prices at all time lows and hotels even cheaper, there’s no excuse not to look at Bali as an option for your next vacation. Not only is it cheap to get there and stay there, we’ve already dived into just how cheap it is to be there as well with our balling In Bali on a budget video. I mean just look at what $20 can get you!

Cheap Hotels In Bali

Paris, France

Oui Oui, our next destination on this list is none other than Paris France!

Home to the Eiffel tower, romantic marriage proposals, and of course…baguettes, deals on flights and hotels in Paris France are aplenty as the world start opening back up from the Coronavirus pandemic.

What else is there to do in Paris besides enjoy the Eiffel tower and eat baguettes? Actually…quite a lot and we will soon be doing a write up on that and linking it here for you to check out.

In the meantime, take a look at these great deals on Paris Hotels. I last visited Paris in 2018, and these prices are at least 40-50 percent cheaper now thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.


So we’ve covered Paris, and we’ve even covered Bali – but what other place is extremely cheap to travel to right now?

Italy. Italy is broad #3 option because you will notice, we did not narrow this down to a specific city.

Italy has many tourist attractions across different cities and towns in the country and honestly, the biggest attraction right now is the prices.

Italy was hit hard towards the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and many cities and towns are only just now starting to open up and recover.

From Rome, to Venice deals on hotels and flights to Italy are aplenty.

Cheap Hotels In Rome And Venice



The Best Deals On Travel Post COVID-19

So there you have it! Our list of some of the best destinations that have the biggest deals right now, post COVID-19 pandemic.

Do you agree with our picks? Have you found better deals elsewhere? Let us know in the comments below!